Wonderful Agriculture Career Prep

Image result for wonderful agriculture career prepThe Ag Prep Promise Wonderful Agriculture Career Prep (Ag Prep) is a regional partnership that increases college and career success among youth in the lower San Joaquin Valley, from Bakersfield to Fresno. The partnership brings together high schools, community colleges, agriculture production and processing companies, and Wonderful Education, which provides planning and management support. 
The Vision: To prepare youth in the San Joaquin Valley for college and career success—and advance tomorrow’s agricultural, business, science, and technology leaders.
The Work: To create a fundamental change in the educational experience, so that more high school students are engaged in a rigorous, relevant curriculum that gives them direct experience in college classes, agricultural careers, and work-based learning. The Model: Ag Prep combines (1) an “early college” model that provides a rigorous academic program of study with substantial college credits while in high school; and (2) a career academy with three agriculture themed pathways—including work-based learning opportunities—that lead directly to well-paying, midlevel career positions in agriculture.  Feel free to click the following links in order to get more information regarding the program.  Feel free to call Ms. Mendoza (Ag Prep Coordinator) at 559-655-1993 if you have any questions or would like to apply to the program at Mendota High School.